The long awaited Rotherham replacement trolleybuses, after WWII, eventually arrived between 1949 to 1951.

Above: outside the Queens Hotel in Maltby

Almost immediately, Rotherham Council realised that towns were changing, new estates were being built and the costs of rail-less electric traction, were rising.

Thus, began a policy of trolleybus abandonment. Fortunately, this policy took until October 1965, to see the last of the ‘tracklesses’ off the roads.

In the meantime, what to do with the forty-four newly delivered Daimlers?

Of the 26 CTE6 single-deckers, 20 were rebodied, as 70 seater double-deckers in 1956/1957 and were very successful in transforming an operational loss into a profit, until October 1965.

Of the 18 CTC6 single-deckers, the vast majority were sold to Spain, we think that the only CTC6 Daimler not to be sold was FET 606. FET 624 is seen below on Frederick Street, before travelling to Spain.

NONE of the CTE6 single-deckers was sold to Spain. Some were required for the services to Mexborough (8) and Conisbrough (9), on which Rotherham ran a joint service with Mexborough and Swinton.

An article in the Rotherham Trolleybus Group magazine, tells the story of The Rotherham Trolleybus Group’s recent venture to see one of the sold Rotherham CTC6 Daimlers, FET 344, which was never rebodied, in Spain. This visit is assisting us in the restoration of 1943 Sunbeam, CET 613.

It seemed, for a seventy-year old, to be in a good condition.

Besides the colour, the main change seemed to be the removal of the ‘Rotherham’ door on the ‘near’- side, to two doors on the off-side. Note, that the steering-wheel has not been moved!

Above: FET 344 a CTC6 ex-Rotherham Trackless in Spain, near Zaragoza.
Clealry withdrawn from service but clearly ex-Rotherham

If you would like any more information on the Rotherham Trolleybus Group, please, see Mike Johnson – Conductor 550, at The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft, or email us via the contact link